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The Cold War – A TV show

Terminale - Section Européenne Histoire

Thème de la séquence : The Cold War

Classe : Terminale section européenne

Niveau CECRL : B2 avancé/C1

Activités Langagières : Expression Orale en continu et en interaction

Nombre de séances : 12

Type de Support ressource : Extraits vidéo.

Matériel requis : Projection vidéo.

Descriptif rapide du projet : Les élèves analysent des extraits de témoignages puis produisent une émission de télévision ayant pour thème la Guerre froide.

Tâche finale : Role-play : Students prepare a TV show about the Cold War. For this project about the Cold War, you will have to play out a TV show on the BBC, acting as witnesses of the main events of this period.
2 journalists will interview different people who went through the Cold War, thus presenting the main issues of this period ( Militine Julie).

Step 1 : Preparatory work - Duration : 2 lessons

- lesson on historical data (vocabulary, dates…)

- lesson on a video extract (oral comprehension)

Step 2 : Activities - Duration : 4 lessons

Group work : divide the class into 5 groups.
Each group will get some specific information, researching on the following topics.
Then each group will present its subject to the class. :

1- The ideologies of the two blocs

Two American artists subjected to “the witch hunt” Arthur Miller, Charlie Chaplin, … (McCarthyism)



A Russian dissident who endured the absence of freedom of speech. A. Soljenitsyne, …



2- The Communist and the capitalist models

A family from East Germany (their life, positive aspects of the communist system (free school, …) and negative aspects.



An African American couple lived through segregation but also its end and the beginning of a new era for black people.


3- The different crises

Cuba : a Russian soldier describes what he witnessed during the missile crisis.


Berlin : A VOPO (VolksPolizei) explains his role at the Berlin Wall and a student explains how he managed to escape.


4- The detente

An astronaut explains how he had to cooperate with an American team in 1975 for the first Apollo-Soyuz mission.


5- The end of the Cold War

A Polish couple explains what happened in 1989 in their country (the end of the Eastern bloc) :


Michael Gorbatchev explains why and how he launched great reforms in his country during the 80s.


Step 3 : Presentations - Duration : 4 lessons

- Rehearsal during 2 lessons.

- 2 lessons to see the exposes.

Step 4 : Assessment - Duration : 2 lessons

Each group writes a text on their subject (100 words).

Oral assessment in English.

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