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The Dakar 2011 World Social Forum

Terminale - Section Européenne Histoire

Thème de la séquence :
NGOs at The Dakar 2011 World Social Forum

Classe :
Terminale européenne

Niveau CECRL :
B2 avancé / C1

Activités Langagières :

Nombre de séances : 14

Matériel requis :
Vidéo projection, baladeurs mp3.

Descriptif rapide du projet :
Exemple de séquence associant géographie et anglais pour la Terminale section européenne. Les élèves présentent les actions de différentes ONG participant au forum mondial de Dakar.

Final Task : NGOs present or/and discuss their alternatives to Free Trade and Globalisation at The Dakar 2011 World Social Forum - Their reflections, proposals, experiences and actions will be exposed by groups of 2 or 3 pupils.

Mise en oeuvre :

Step 1 : Preparatory work - Duration : 4 lessons

3 lessons in History and Geography class : Written comprehension and oral expression based on a press article, a video and a graph about poverty around the world and the different aspects of development.

1 lesson in English class : oral comprehension and expression based on a choice of videos on Fair Trade.

Step 2 : Activities - Duration : 5 lessons

Group 1 : organizers (3 pupils)

- Present the forum (Objectives, History, actions, participants, programme), at the beginning of the forum.
- Organize and lead a debate on “The Limits to the actions of the NGOs” at the end of the forum.
- Write a synthesis of the debate.

Group 2 : Environmental organization (3 pupils)

- Make an oral presentation on the dangers of tropical wood trade (graph, map, photos - and video)
- Design a leaflet (text + images) for an awareness campaign (intended for DIY stores customers)

Group 3 : Consumer organization (3 pupils)

- Conduct a survey about the consuming habits of the students of Tles L + ES1 + ES2’s families as regards alternative consumption.
- Analyze the results
- Present the survey at the forum
- Write a summary of the results

Group 4 : Alternative Farming organization (2 pupils)

- Make a video report on an organization (AMAP of Montagney or other) or an organic farmer
- Present the video
- Write a presentation of the organization

Group 5 : A women’s organization (3 pupils)

- Make an oral presentation of the role of women in the development of African countries. (Maps, photos, graphs)
- Interview 2 women who have a major role in alternative movements in their countries. (MP3)

Group 6 : Fair Trade Organization (3 pupils)

- Present an existing group of producers (Map, product, work organization, benefits for the community, for the retailer, the consumer)
- Design and present a promotion campaign
- Design and present a poster to promote Fair Trade in French supermarkets

Step 3 : Presentations - Duration : 5 lessons

- Oral and written work : assessment by teachers of English and Geography and assistant

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