Publié : 1er avril 2021 - English for EFL Teachers

Ce site suédois propose beaucoup de ressources exploitables en classe. Il est classé par thématique et par niveau. On visitera les espaces suivants :

Le site a vocation à traiter tout le programme ESL de Suède et se présente ainsi :


The key feature in is the themes. There are enough themes to cover the whole curriculum for levels A1.1-B1, year 1-9, and Eng5 in the Swedish School system. There is also a 13-unit Course Plan for teen beginners (A1) who start learning English at this age. If there is any theme you and your students would like to be added, you can always make a request.


Young Beginner / Elementary / Intermediate / Teen Beginner / B1 levels. There is a list of carefully chosen activities for each level, divided into different categories, e.g. reading, writing, listening, speaking and form focus. For further inspiration, there are suggestions for classroom literature and films/videos.

Teaching Matters posts site news, inspirational texts and video clips for teachers. The latest ones are always on the Homepage, Facebook, Twitter, and in the newsletters to our subscribers. The archive is in Teaching Matters.

Calendar collects materials about the major annual holidays and celebrations in the Calendar. There are some recommended materials behind the actual date in the calendar and/or a link to a whole theme page about the topic of the day.

Planning Page

It is recommended that teachers collaborate with their students when choosing the themes to study at the beginning of each term. In the Planning Page, there is a simple, 8-step instruction to follow to get the students more motivated in their own learning.

Digital Tools

The idea with has always been to incorporate digital tools into the teaching and learning of English. Now that the updated Swedish Curriculum stipulates digitalisation to be the responsibility of all teachers, this aim has become even more central. is following the trends and development of learning tools. We will share the most relevant news in Teaching Matters, Facebook and Twitter as well as keep continuously adding links to the Digital Tools.

Cette ressource nous a été signalée par Adeline Delisle, professeur d’anglais.