Publié : 27 juillet 2010

Supermarkets Till Chits

Have you ever thought of using a supermarket till chit in class ?
You have a real authentic piece of English life in your hands to bring life to the
Allow 10 minutes for an oral activity.

You could use it to :

Till Chit 1

- Revise food vocabulary.

- Activate revision on some , any, not....any

- Create a meaningful situation of the Preterit
 : « I bought, I didn’t buy, Did you buy ?
- Revise How much, How many ? + was and were

Some suggestions :

- Start by getting your pupils to try and remember as much food vocabulary as possible.

- Take the opportunity

o to give abbreviations such as tom for tomato.

o To show the different sorts of milk : semi-skimmed etc

- You could make groups according to the number of pupils in your class.

- or you can start by saying : “I went shopping when I was on holiday in England ! Find out
what I bought. You can only ask yes/no questions”.
Write an example on the board.

- Recap by getting the class to say you bought.. you didn’t buy ? Prompt with “What
about ?”

(at the same time it makes pupils listen to each other.
- If you gave the chit to a pupil, you could get the others to ask him or her what the
teacher bought. And then all you have to do is “direct operations !”

You could always finish with a short paragraph in exercise books : « She bought some..., but she

didn’t buy any …, etc. »

Till Chit 2
Till Chit 3
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