Script 1

G : Gore Verbinski, producer

J : Johnny Depp, actor

G : Hi, Johnny

J : Hi, Gore, how are you today ?

G : I’m fine, how are you ?

J : I’m, I’m fabulous, swell ! Well, what’s that ?

G : Look, in far. Here she goes. That’s …er,…This shot was …an absolute … nightmare.

J : Who’s that ?

G : It’s , it’s actually er …five shots put together. No , not, the lighting didn’t match on it, you know.

J : So, did you, did you go, did you observe imaginary in there ?

G : Not much, it’s one piece. It’s just all pasted together, different takes pasted together, well, flopped and

flipped, well I think it was we shot it really on the schedule and it kind of came in two days before we were really staying

J : Two days, Hum ! Kevin Mac Nally !

G : Yes, he’s got such a great voice. He used to read children’s book, you know.

J Who, Mac Nally ?

G : Yeah, he’s got that eye. Robert Louis Stevenson.

J : Well, Jack Davenport is a great fine man, too

G : Yeah, he is kind of , I think, he’s just become the American Express Card , we can’t do a movie without him. He can do anything.

And he is always just got going at dinner time

J : And good old Jonathan Price, the two of them, I mean, at dinner, you know, they are comedy style, self- deprecating, you know